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“The Peckham Society News” Peckham Postcard Article

“We recently got a call from John Beasley, Editor of “The Peckham Society News.” He had seen our“Peckham” postcard and offered us a great opportunity to promote it for us. So here it is with much thanks to a wonderful gentleman who has been one of the key supporters of the Peckham Community over many years, and a privilege for us to have had an article published in this highly respected, popular and all important magazine, read by many, both locally and abroad.” Richard Evans and David Hankin. 01/03/2013

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Camberwell Society Magazine Featured Photos

Stephen Bourne, Historian of Black Britain, recently wrote an article for the Camberwell Society Magazine entitled “Growing up in Camberwell” and asked if I would submit two photos to go with the article, which appears below. Stephen kindly granted us permission to photograph the great vista of Camberwell itself (see below) as well as a stunning view of Walworth stretching back to the city skyline, which we made as the centre piece for our Walworth postcard.

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Southwark News November 22nd 2012 New Postcards Feature

Following on the Southwark News “Camberwell” postcards feature last year, we were delighted to have another one highlighting a further three new postcards, Brixton, Peckham and Walworth, along with the“Camberwell Celebrities” poster. Emma Ailes wrote the following about these projects.

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