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"Camberwell's Celebrities" Photographic Digital Media A3 Poster (P25)

"Thank you so much for the poster "Camberwell's Celebrities", what a brilliant design and I am delighted that my name has been included in it. Thank you once again."

Sir Michael Caine. 2012



"Richard & Lana Camberwell Christmas Card" Photographic Digital Media (CO10)

"Our brief to David was to design a Christmas card that had to be funny, but also quirky. We supplied him with a selection of our photos to use in creating the scene we had in mind. Subject to some minor tweaks such as some extra birds etc., the result was given our immediate approval. We are delighted with the result!" Richard & Lana. 2010



"The White Swan, Riverside, Twickenham" Pen, ink & watercolour (PC28)

This was a recent request for some prints as seen on this website.

"David, nice work. I enjoyed the journey around your website. I would be interested in 2 possibly 3 of your prints. Would you ship out to Victoria, Australia?"

"The prints arrived in good order and are wonderful as I expected. Thanks once again." Richard.



"Twickenham Stadium (Home of England Rugby)" - Pen, Ink & Watercolour.

"Hi David, I think it's good, very good, excellent. For a start it is a good drawing and has got the perspective very accurate. It is also very colourful and captures the "throng" and the atmosphere that attends all the major matches. It also has a slight and attractive surreal quality to it. I have been the Architect for the whole of the redevelopment of Twickenham and worked on it for the last twenty years. Generally stadia are uninteresting when there is no one about, they need people to come alive. So it is brilliant to see the Stadium as the subject of a work of art. Best regards, Terry Ward: Ward McHugh Associates."



"Market Place, Kingston Upon Thames, Surrey." Commissioned Christmas Card.

"I really do love the picture. I think there is something of a timelessness, a blend of historic and modern captured in the snowy setting. I am sending a card to Australia this week to an Australian friend who loved living here. Good luck with your work. - Nicola."



Dear Dave, I just wanted to tell you once again how very pleased we are with the wonderful painting you did of our house - it really is so good and when the whole family visited today they all thought it was superb - they really did!!!

Thank you very much for making the house look so lovely - I actually think it is quite a unique house and has some very pretty and unusual features - all of which you have managed to pick up in your wonderful painting!.

Once again many thanks, Sue Bonny, Magnolia House, Richmond Surrey.



"View from Richmond Hill" Postcard (PC15)

Postcards of this image were used for wedding invitations as the reception was held nearby.

"Our invites went out a few weeks ago and I think they work perfectly. So thank you.", Yasmin.



Dear David, I have lived in central New Malden for 75 years but when I bought your photomontage postcard from Suttles this morning I was surprised to see what a beautiful place it is.

Congratulations on such a splendid image. I will be sending it to some friends overseas who know the area well.

With Best Wishes......Peter Lane. New Malden



David Hankin recently took on a commission for me. A portrait of my dog Indiana Jones. She has been in my life for 18 years and 6 months and she herself is 18 Years, 7 months and 2 weeks. She was rescued from some disreputable individuals in Spain. When I took her on in the spur of the moment, little did I realise the small ball of trouble heading my way. David in his portrait caught her look of mischief and fun, her unruly hair and attitude. For me this is Indi all over if a little older and greyer but none the less that same dog all those years ago that stole my heart and needed looking after. A perfect and fitting portrait that will be there for me always, even though she might not.

With Many thanks, Katrina Gallart



On meeting David and seeing preview of his work, I was happy to take him on board to design a postcard for the Kingston Antiques Centre. All through the design and taking photos, I find him very professional.

The end product was just what I wanted. He even dealt with the postcard company for printing and delivered everything to my door. I highly recommend him to anyone who is interested in promoting his or her business.

John Cobbold - December 15th 2006