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The John Lewis Art Prize Photography Competition

“The John Lewis Art Prize Photography Competition” was held to celebrate the 20th anniversary on September 11th 2010 of the John Lewis building in Kingston, and to coincide with the “Muybridge in Kingston” activities in the town.

I took the above photograph to show the huge scale of the building and how it has become a major contribution to the town itself.

To achieve the height needed to obtain the shot, kind permission was given by Richard Jewett of Kingston University and access to the roof of the Kingston Bridge House provided by Deputy Hall Manager, Torquil Keen. Thanks to their kind help, I was able to get the shot and with it, achieved third place in the competition, which I am very thrilled about!

Better still, the photo along with the other entries and finalists , were exhibited by Janie Harland of Fusion Arts at “The Place to Eat” in John Lewis, Kingston, alongside iconic photographs by the Victorian photographer Eadweard Muybridge

Now, it has been permanently displayed at the store’s recently revamped admin office.

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