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Camberwell, London - SE5 New Postcards

Southwark News recently published an article featuring our two new postcard designs of Camberwell. This has proved a bonus to us in publicising these cards throughout the area. So a big “Thank you!”

The cards were conceived by Richard Evans a long time friend and a resident of Camberwell for many years and who researched the area for locations shown here.  

The first is the multi image version, highlighting a cross section of wonderful architecture both old and new, around great areas of parkland.

The second, being of Camberwell Green itself. Permission was granted from the Camberwell Surgery to photograph from their roof, so as to get a sense of scale of the Green itself, and to make the most of the trees and open spaces.


I have to admit that Photoshop came into its own here! It was necessary to remove key elements such as traffic, road signs, lights etc to make the most of the view. But nothing was messed with in regards to the Green itself! The same techniques were applied to a few of the other images.

The cards are now available from this website, GX Gallery at 43 Denmark Hill, Temple of Bachus (Off Licence) at 8 Coldharbour Lane SE5 and the Pasha Hotel at 158 Camberwell Road SE5. Any further outlets will be announced here.

Also, we sell them at the Farmers Market at the Green on the first Saturday of each month between 10am – 2pm weather permitting!


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