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View of St. Paul's Cathedral From Richmond Park


Located in the Gardens of Pembroke Lodge within Richmond Park, lies a steep mound, which tradition has it, is where King Henry VIII stood on 19th May 1536 to watch a rocket being fired from the Tower of London, signalling that his wife Anne Boleyn had been executed for treason. This meant he would then be able marry Lady Jane Seymour. The truth appears to be that he was spending the evening in Wiltshire and that the mound was more likely to be a Bronze Age burial chamber and later used as a viewpoint for hunting and falconry!

Today, it offers fabulous panoramic views of the Thames Valley to the west and as in this pen, ink and watercolour, a distant view of St Paul's Cathedral to the east. The St Paul's view has been faithfully preserved by generations of landscapers who have created a tree-framed sightline from the mound to the dome. The view is now protected and no new building is allowed to impede it.

Pen, Ink & Watercolour
Limited Edition 500
Gylcee print on Hahnemulhe acid free archive watercolour paper.
Single sided mount.

Image Size: 15.7 x 27 cm
Mounted Size: 28.7 x 45 cm

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